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I've liked, but you dont put the others Cobra's Members...
In this movie, you put The Fury, The Joy(aka Boss) and The End.
On the next time you must put the others(The Sorrow, The Fear, The Pain).
Oh, You made a good work!

Mto Bom!!!!!

Mto bom essa sua animação!!!!!!!

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There is a lot of Horror that even AAA games don't have. It's a Lovecraftian style too (i don't know if served you as as inspiration, but this game have traits of a lovecraftian story).
The only bad thing is the enemy itself. There is a bug (or something like that) that allow the enemy to locate and kill me even if the character is covered.
Aside that, the game's good!

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thank you for your review!
Monster can detect you in the bushes in two cases:
1) He saw you hiding in them
2) You made a lot of noise so he checks the nearest bush if he thinks you might be there.
To be honest my main inspiration was the movie "Mist" based on King's novel.

Range of the Dead is good game. Mechanic fits very well in the game. I've liked every aspect of this mechanic. I would like to see some upgrades in weapons such as telescopic sights... and a skipable bullet cam. The voice actor fits the character very well, and it would be nice if he had more lines.
The bad part of the game are some glitches that mess with gameplay. When using the bow or grenade, sometimes, we cannot see the strength fill up bar. This occurs if i hold the fire button too early. We could use grenade more times too. By the way, there are lot of guns awsome too.
I didn't like one thing in particular: the legs of the zombie. It would be better to cripple legs, by shooting their knees and make them crawl. Zombie feets are very ugly too :)
Another bad is the inability to grind their arms by shooting on their elbows.
Visual 4.5/5 (nothing really bad here)
Gameplay 4.5/5 (we need skipable bullet cam and fix for the strength button)
Sound 3/5 there is nothing especial here. Maybe we could use another pieces of music (in form of a "walkman", that play tracks by SoS and Evil-Dog)
Fun 4.5/5 (very fun game, but it lack of crippable legs and elbows).
PS: Game need to track better the achievements (showing the number of headshots w/o the influence, for example), plus making the effort worth.

Almost perfect!
This is one of the best games I've played here. There is no much to discuss here. In terms of plot, the game offers another point of view (of the military). We also have two new protagonists, qich interacting very well. I liked the cameo of the protagonist of the first game. One important thing: The voice acting, which was very good. I liked the songs, which help in immersion. In terms of gameplay the game was perfect. A mix between of race with fps, but I think the upgrading system very slow. Guns still very weak, even with max stats. You need to put more than half a clip in the head to knock an enemy. Aside of it, this is perfect.
Some ideas for the next game:
-Med from ambulance.
-New parts for your car: Steel protection to replace windshield (zeds will try to break it), Spikes on the armor bumper (increase damage of the hit and run, block the grubs from climb on the hood)
-Return of Perception perk.
- Street and roads curves in the same style of the classic race games (e.g Top Gear)
- Add physix elements, as you break you rave a chance to launch (or eject) enemies from the hood).
- Path Choosing.

Visual: 5/5 (Flawless)
Gameplay: 4.5/ 5 (The leveling system and upgrade system is too slow)
Sound: 5/5 (Excellent voice acting, music and fx)
Fun: 5/5 (...)

Ps: Sorry my english.

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I think that this history can have a better end. ^^
Oh, the song is perfekt. Brutal Vocals and nice Solo.

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Uzumaki, Shadman (on Pip Boy), TomFulp, EvilDog, Hard Boiled, TriForce... Any Cthulhu here?

deathink responds:

yes, but it is a very subtle reference that isn't easy to link.

Another perfect one. Can you tell me the size and type from paper?

Sabtastic responds:

It's just regular teal coloured printer paper, so it's 8.5x11 inches.

Holy shit man! This is perfect! How long did it take you to finish off?

1600 responds:

Thanks! It was probably around 8 hours spread over a few days.

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